Zen to Fitness started when I realized how hard it is to balance a good life with health and fitness or so it seemed. I became fascinated with discovering a system of living life to the fullest without compromising on our health.

Lets face it in this day and age many people just don’t care about nutrition and fitness in spite of it being a cornerstone of life, instead of being normal for not regularly eating junk food the people like us who skip things like donuts and bacon rolls are seen as abnormal.

I was once tied up in conventional Health and Fitness ideas of high carb low fat diets and lots of cardio in the gym along with eating 6 times a day. This drove me down a path of obsession and ultimately compromised my social life and love for living.

This drove me to want to figure out a system or at least a way of living that allowed me to stay in shape and good health in the real world. After years of reading and trying I think I have figured things out somewhat and that is what I am keen to share on this site.

I hope to share with you:

  • Fitness tips and workouts
  • Nutrition advice which is the cornerstone to a healthy mind and body
  • How to lead a fulfilled and constructive life

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