Collective Fitness Wisdom

Collective Fitness Wisdom from people I have trained with who are in great shape naturally!

Father and Son

Scott Ableman

This list of bullet points is compiled from tips and advice I have picked up over the years from people I have met at gym’s or while training who were in great shape without being obsessed with their training. It was a mind opening experience digging these up from my memory, hope you find a few things you can put to use.

-All the people I know who are in great shape, with athletic and muscular physiques do not pay much attention to eating regularly. They eat when they are hungry and usually have about 3 meals a day. Most even skip breakfast.

-They all do  heavy compound exercises like Squats, Bench Presses, and Military Presses

-Most go running or jogging

-Body weight exercises like dips, chins and pushups are staples of their training regimes

-Eating wholefoods is important to them. They may not know much about nutrition, but they know enough to stay away from McDonalds and other junk.

-Most don’t use any supplements except for a Multi-Vitamin and the occasional scoop of Whey

Coffee is pre-workout and morning fuel

-Bananas are good in their opinion, and most seemed to eat lots

-Nearly all participated in a sport regularly whether it be soccer, tennis or martial arts

-All the bigger guys did body part splits and demolished each body part once or twice a week

-The guys is the best shape trained for 4-5 hours a week in total

-None were vegetarians but most did not care about their intake of protein

-The bigger guys were all fairly strong but nothing extraordinary

-They all lived life with training thrown in, not training with life thrown in

-Most go out and drink/eat socially a few times a week

-At least 5 people have told me their best fat loss has come from jogging on an empty stomach with going to bed slightly hungry

While I know some people who look great may have good genetics to thank but I think they all have value worth taking out of what they do. Remeber this site has officially moved to:


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