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This mornings workout

After waking up extremely groggy I popped 1g of L-Arginine along with a strong black coffee browsed the net a bit and hit the gym. I did a Push based workout that went a bit like this:

  • Standing Shoulder Press 40kg x 6/ 50kg x 4/ 50kg x 3
  • DB bench press 15-8-4 with increasing weights
  • BW Dips good explosive form 12-10-4(10kg DB between feet)
  • Lateral Raises 6kg sets of 12-20 plus negatives minimal rest
  • Leg Extension 15-8-4 plus negatives
  • Tricep Rope Pushdown 15-8-4
  • Rope Crunches 15-8-4
Finished off the workout outside on the track with some jumping squats and 2x 50-100m Sprints. The workout was done with the Power Law Training system as preached by Arthur Devany.
Excellent workout and now time for breakfast 🙂


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