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5 Reasons you should be working out fasted

I have always been a fan of working out fasted (first thing in the morning) I usually wake up, browse the net and drink a cup of black coffee and then have a workout, which is often a jog if the weather is nice out. This article is going to run over some of the benefits of training this way;

  • AM exercise magnifies a positive hormonal response, working out later in the day will enhance cortisol and this is not a good thing before you hit the sack.
  • Food releases insulin which blunts fat burning. When you wake Insulin is at its lowest allowing the most fat to be burnt.
  • Cardio in the morning wakes you up and gets your body in action for the day, flushing out your lymphatic system and ensuring a flow of energy.
  • It will activate your lean and hungry adaptive mechanism which will burn fat and build muscle, especially if you have a fasted weights workout which hits your back and shoulder area.
  • Insulin sensitivity is further improved and fasting is prolonged which can have great health benefits….
Those are reason enough and with summer you have no excuse to hit the park/road and have a morning workout.
From my own experience I find that doing weight training when totally fasted should be done but be careful not to go too hard as it can compromise your mood and well being. Try a short and intense weights workout without too much volume that does not take longer than 30 minutes.


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