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Collective Fitness Wisdom

Collective Fitness Wisdom from people I have trained with who are in great shape naturally!

Father and Son

Scott Ableman

This list of bullet points is compiled from tips and advice I have picked up over the years from people I have met at gym’s or while training who were in great shape without being obsessed with their training. It was a mind opening experience digging these up from my memory, hope you find a few things you can put to use.

-All the people I know who are in great shape, with athletic and muscular physiques do not pay much attention to eating regularly. They eat when they are hungry and usually have about 3 meals a day. Most even skip breakfast.

-They all do  heavy compound exercises like Squats, Bench Presses, and Military Presses

-Most go running or jogging

-Body weight exercises like dips, chins and pushups are staples of their training regimes

-Eating wholefoods is important to them. They may not know much about nutrition, but they know enough to stay away from McDonalds and other junk.

-Most don’t use any supplements except for a Multi-Vitamin and the occasional scoop of Whey

Coffee is pre-workout and morning fuel

-Bananas are good in their opinion, and most seemed to eat lots

-Nearly all participated in a sport regularly whether it be soccer, tennis or martial arts

-All the bigger guys did body part splits and demolished each body part once or twice a week

-The guys is the best shape trained for 4-5 hours a week in total

-None were vegetarians but most did not care about their intake of protein

-The bigger guys were all fairly strong but nothing extraordinary

-They all lived life with training thrown in, not training with life thrown in

-Most go out and drink/eat socially a few times a week

-At least 5 people have told me their best fat loss has come from jogging on an empty stomach with going to bed slightly hungry

While I know some people who look great may have good genetics to thank but I think they all have value worth taking out of what they do. Remeber this site has officially moved to:


Getting Started: Vitality Habits for Newbies








Getting Started is Easy

It shocks me how so many people do absolutely no exercise and pay no attention to their diet eating whatever they want whenever they want. One thing all these people have in common is a desire to be healthy, which is natural as is exercising and eating well.

Changing habits can be very daunting, I know many people who want to start a new healthier life but have no idea where/when or how to start. This article aims to be a guide on becoming a new healthier you without giving up the things you love.


this is in some senses the easiest and most satisfying part of becoming healthy. Our bodies are primed to eat certain foods that we have evolved to eat over thousands of years, this involves fresh real food. Head to the Supermarket and pickup a few days supplies of the following foods;

  • Lean cuts of Steak/Lamb, Poultry and Fish (turkey, chicken, cod, tuna, shrimps etc) and Eggs
  • Salad and Vegetables of your choice (no tubers like potatoes)
  • Fruits (Stick to fruits from your own country and in season if possible)
  • Nuts, Seeds and some good quality Olive Oil
  • Apple Cider Vinegar and condiments.
  • Organic Yoghurt
This is all you need to eat well, avoid the bread isle, and all the other sugars and learn to enjoy real wholesome food. Its amazing how good a tray of seasoned, roasted vegetables with a good steak tastes….. feel free to enjoy with a light beer or glass of wine. When was the last time you had an omelette and some fruit for breakfast?
Save all other foods for special occasions like dining at a restaurant with friends or visiting a relatives house for dinner. At these times feel free to have some pizza, a slice of cake or over indulge in anything that you desire. Just make sure you get back on track eating real wholesome foods once your done.

Listen to your hunger

Eat when your body is calling for food. If you feel like something crunchy and juicy grab an apple, if your not hungry at lunch time don’t eat just because its 1PM doesn’t mean you have to eat. Get on with your day and do what you have to do, eating wholesome foods when your body asks for them.
You will be amazed how quickly your body and taste buds adapt to this style of eating. We have beautiful fruits like blueberries and figs why are we eating muffins and croissants for breakfast.

Exercise Plan of Action

Sometimes you just gotta hit the road. I am a firm believer that those of us who have not done any fitness work in years should start by just going for a run. Put on some shorts/trainers and a t-shirt and hit the road even if you struggle after 5 minutes just slow down to a walk (try to do some pushups) and then run again when your ready, just make your goal to break a sweat. You don’t need anyone or any approval to do this workout just your own desire.
You will be shocked at how quickly your body adapts and in no time I am confident you will be running for 20 minutes plus within a few weeks. Once you have attained a basic level of fitness you should start looking into buying a basic dumbbell set or learning how to do body weight exercises like push-ups, squats, lunges, dips and pushups allowing you to start effective circuit type training in order to boost your metabolism. Once your fitness level is adequete consider:
  • Go to a gym and learn for yourself basic resistance training movements like bench press/squats/ dead-lifts knowing what to do in a gym is a great skill to have even if you don’t plan to become a gym rat.
  • Look into a local Crossfit affiliate to workout a few times a week.
  • Start Trail Running
  • Start playing more sports
  • Do Bodyweight circuits
I hope this can serve as a plan of action or starting point for those who are daunted by an exercise and nutrition. It really comes down to doing what we have evolved to do which is eat good real food and move around. Simple 😉

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A few things that are important

  • Give your lower body a cold rinse after a bath or shower
  • Take Kelp and 1tbsp per day of good quality Cod Liver Oil for the Vitamin A
  • Do fasted workouts a few days a week, wait 1 hour+ before eating again
  • Eat when hungry, graze on vegetables and berries otherwise
  • Drink Coffee or Yerba Mate upon waking
  • Power Law workouts are amazing
  • Live NOW, be present
  • Be Playful, talk to everyone

NO-Explode at a fraction of the price

NO-Explode can be a great product but its pricey to, here is a DIY formula for a simular pre-workout kick;

  • 500mg-1g or L-Arginine
  • 1 Small Americano made in a French Press
  • 5 Grams of Creatine (Mix into black Coffee)
Excellent kick and will end up costing you very little in comparison to BSN’s NO-Explode as Arginine is very cheap, so is Creatine and Coffee if made at home is something we all have lying about……

Energy Tips – How to avoid those slumps

Ever felt a slump, like sleeping at times when you really don’t need it? I have figured out how to get through these problems effortlessly and possibly by doing the things you would least expect.

1. Take a deep breath. breathing in deeply through your nose right down to your stomach really revitelises your body and mind. try do 2 or 3 of these whilst in a slump.

2. Raw foods. I am a big believer in the power of raw foods, finding them easier to digest and more energizing. I will frequently start the day with the following shake:

  • 2-3 raw eggs (only free range/organic)
  • Some frozen Spinach and Berries
  • 1 scoop of protein powder
  • Shot of expresso (Optional I sometimes have an expresso upon waking instead)
  • Splash of cinnamon
  • 1 TBSP of milled flax seed
  • 100ml of organic plain yoghurt
3. Eat less not more during the day, stay light all the time allowing your insulin levels to remain low and therefore allow you to avoid brain fade/fog which is associated with heavy meals due to the digestion and insulin release.
4. Stay hydrated with a few glasses of ice cold water when you feel lethargic this tends to awaken your body and revive how your brain.
5. Exercise or break a sweat (Preferable first thing in the morning) daily this helps facilitate blood flow around your body and gets your mind ready for the day ahead. On top of this it allows your lymphatic system to function better and this is essential to energy flux.

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Enjoy and have a great weekend


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