200 push-ups

Recently I have been traveling and finding it hard to get workouts in due to time constraints. What I have been doing is a tip I got from Matthew Mcconaughey who recommends doing 200 push-ups a day. I basically will do 200 pushups from when I wake up and they will normally take about 20-25 minutes grips vary as do reps per set but they finally get done. Its a great workout and leaves your whole body pretty sore the next day.

Also as I’m in New York I have been trying to get in as much walking as I can, whilst being energetic whilst opening doors and climbing stairs. This covers the ‘play’ aspect and keeps me moving.

As for nutrition, this has been slipping due to family eating situations, in spite of the cheesecake and cereal I have managed to stay pretty evolutionary with my meals, loads of salmon, chicken prawns and beef even some oysters last night!!

BTW the Matthew Mcconaughey article linked above is great, they guy has a superb insight on life, training and living.


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  1. 1 dusty81 February 2, 2009 at 4:13 am

    I have been working on my goal of 100 push ups in 2 minutes for a while now. I must say I haven’t given it 100% percent. My Quest started as I have been trying to get my Pt up to par for Work. I was 227Lbs and a 38 waist in jan of last year By march I was a 32 waist and a 178Lbs But had no energy so I drop out my cardio I was back to 200 before I got my energy back I was back up to a 36 waist but still better than before. But hadn’t made my goal of 50 push ups in a minute I stated back just doing calistetics about October Bye jan I was a different 200lbs with 33 waist. I am way over my 50 goal and I do no less than 200 push ups a day 100 sit ups and on work out days, I do 5 sets of 40 push ups with 5 sets 20 dips, 12 pull ups, 10 one arms legs closed in between, but I have recently been adding different weight balls under my hands and changing the position of my hands to any position I can. have u come up with any stressing work outs in your work out?

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