Quick morning jog

This mornings workout was done after a cup of coffee (Black) I went out planning to have fun during a short jog. I ended up doing some downhill sprints, these are very refreshing and energizing and almost feel like a tonic for the body. They are simple just walk up a small hill and sprint down as fast as you can and repeat a few times.

I also threw in some pushups during the run not too many just enough to warm up and gain a slight pump. I threw some sidestepping into the jog as well. The workout took about 25 minutes and left me feeling refreshed. Breakfast was about 1 hour after the workout ended.

I picked up the tip on downhill sprints from Arthur De Vaney’s website while browsing through his archives. They are extremely enjoyable and seem to give the body a rush of excitement and provoke rejuvenation to some extent. Well worth throwing into days when you play.

Breakfast was;

-1 egg

-Some Pastrami

-Berries and an apple


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