Lean hunt

Recently with the nice weather I have been doing a lot of fasted AM workouts. They feel great and allow me to feel peaceful throughout the day, I try to look at them like they are lean hunts as if I am earning my food for the coming day/days. Its a nice feeling to have, makes stuff taste better and life slow down.

-4 sets of bike sprints lasting 20-30 seconds

-Leg Press

-Leg Extension

-Stiff legged DB deadlift

-DB flat bench press

-Bent over row and some pullups

-Standing shoulder press

-Seated Row (Wide Grip)

-Finished off with some ab work and bicep curls

This workout took around 40 minutes and all the exercises were done using power law principles. I think I pushed myself too far felt pretty tired after. On the way home I picked up some food and had my PW meal about 90 minutes after finishing the workout, tasted amazing;

-Raw Honey, canned pumpkin, raw egg, Natural organic Yoghurt all mixed together

-Platter of melon and pineapple


Lean hunts are great but don’t overdo them, if your doing High intensity training I would do about 2 a week maximum. Other mornings go for a light jog or go play around in the park (running, sprinting, jumping jacks, run backwards, burpees, grab a ball throw it and run after it, just play)


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