EF Workout Power Law Training- FASTED

Went to the gym fasted yesterday morning to promote Growth Hormone release. I arrived at around 8AM and did a workout lasting just over 30 minutes that was as follows:

  • 4 twenty second stationary bike sprints with 1 minute low intensity rests in between. This got a good burn going on in my legs.
  • Squats using the 40kg for 15 Reps then 80kg x 8 Reps followed by 120kg x 3reps
  • Standing Shoulder press with DB’s 12-8-4-3 Reps
  • Leg Extension and Leg Curls super sets 12-8-4 Reps
  • Incline BB bench Press 5-3-5 Reps
  • One Arm DB Row 5-5-5 Reps
  • Rope Bicep Curls 15-8-4 Reps
  • Cable Crunch 15-8-4 Reps
  • Finished the workout with some stretching and deep breathing
It was a very stimulating workout and felt refreshing, working up a good sweat. Afterwards I walked home and fasted for a further two hours. At this point I ate some Fresh fruit, with eggs and some raw nuts.

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