Why are you putting on weight??

You watch your diet, eat well most of the time (Whole grains, low fat etc etc) and your still not getting the desired results or even worse putting on weight, sound familiar?? Some say its all about calories, if that was the case we would all be out living like freaks trying to count up how much we are eating, this is not the way to live……..

Its all so much simpler than this but many don’t realize here are some things to alter in your diet;

1. Only have starchy carbs (bread, potatoes, pasta, rice etc) upon awakening (exercise) and in the 3 hours after exercise. It may seem hard but its simple and it works!! Your body simply cannot efficiently handle these carbohydrates at other time of the day!!

2. Don’t eat a low fat diet, eat a moderate fat diet(from good sources; olive oil, nuts, oily fish) and try and eat these with every meal, especially your last meal before bed.

3.Eat your veggies and fruit with every meal, see here…….

4. you can still eat what you want 10-20 percent of the time this allows for 6 meals a week to break these rules and still get results!!

As you can see its all so simple, and if we all ate following a few simple principles problems with weight gain would be a thing of the past!!


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