Burn fat fast – speeding up your metabolism

A slow metabolism, gift or curse? Despite what people say about sluggish metabolisms being a result of low activity levels coupled with bad eating habits which makes people prone to gaining weight I can assure you this is not the full story.

Some people just have a slower metabolism than others which make there bodies prone to storing fat if they over eat the same way some people stay skinny no matter what they throw down themselves.

I have personally fought with a slow metabolism throughout the years and this has allowed me to figure out how to naturally boost my metabolism without overdoing cardio and workouts. Allowing me to keep a lean physique.

There are 3 main points to keeping your metabolism revved

1. Do weight training at least 3 times a week. Weight training is what causes you to lose body fat and turns on your body’s furnace for days afterwards.
This is due to basic recovery biology; when you breakdown muscles through a weights workout your body will go into recovery mode causing fat to be used to fuel the process of muscle repair and rebuilding which happens mainly while you sleep therefore it is important to eat a small easily digested meal before you sleep try and stay away from complex carbohydrates in this meal as they are useless before sleep. opt for something light, like a protein shake with and apple or cottage cheese with pineapple.
2. Make breakfast your biggest meal. This will really fire up your metabolism for the day as your body is in starvation mode after the nights rest. Therefore it is important to re-fuel and get your bodies engines going again.
A perfect meal would be some Eggs with lean bacon and some fruit. If you are in a rush go for fruit and raw nuts.
3. Eat when your hungry. all these meals should be small and light so you can digest them easily and keep your metabolism revved up. This is because your body burns of calories in the process of digesting a meal therefore eating a small meal every few hours will constantly kick start your metabolism as well as keeping your blood sugar levels stable which means you will have plenty of energy and feel great throughout the day. Try to focus on Lean meat, Vegetables, fruit and healthy fats.

Now I am sure you have heard this all before. And well you probably have as they are easy ways to keep metabolism fired up. Don’t worry though there are some more un orthodox tips coming up which will make your metabolism burn like its on fire!!!

—>Protein, Keeping a nice serving of protein in all your meals will do a great job of getting your metabolism going as Protein requires the most calories to burn increasing your metabolic rate, As well as this protein allows your body to build muscle and the more muscle you have the more calories your body will burn, knocking your metabolism up a gear. Whey Protein, Chicken, Tuna, eggs, Low fat cheese and milk are all great sources of protein and try and include a good serving with all your meals.
—>Green Tea, No its not only for yoga teachers, all of us should be sipping at green tea and even taking the capsuled forms as it is a great metabolic booster and can make your body burn up-to 400 extra calories a day if you drink 4-5 cups a day. If you lead a hectic lifestyle and do not have the time to drink constant green tea I recommend you buy a good green tea supplement like that of Primaforce and take one capsule in the morning with breakfast.
—>Chili’s, Add them to anything except breakfast(unless of course you enjoy it with your cereal), grab some cayenne, crushed chillies or tabasco and add it to your Pasta, salad, chicken and just about anything else, on top of making your food taste good. Hot foods will raise your heart rate which will increase your metabolism for a few hours after eating.
—>Grapefruit, personally I like to start the day with a serving of freshly squeezed grapefruit juice or half a grapefruit 20 minuted before I eat breakfast. This is because Grapefruit has been shown to regulate blood sugar levels which is essential in the morning and will stop you craving all day, give it a try its amazing! if you find it too tangy sprinkle some splenda on top, but after a few days of eating the grapefruit you will get used to the bitter taste and start to enjoy it without the extra sweetener.
—>Cinnamon, Sprinkle it on anything you like. Cinnamon helps your body metabolize sugar and therefore stop your body storing excess sugar as fat. Try it on banana’s or your cereal its delicious.

If you follow these rules your metabolism will be firing on all cylinders making you a fat torching machine
This is an old article of mine that was featured on lifespy


4 Responses to “Burn fat fast – speeding up your metabolism”

  1. 1 patbeaufay December 7, 2007 at 8:04 pm

    Good info here but there are still more to know and to do. All hypocaloric diets have a bad result because the metabolism is decreased. Less calories therefore are burnt each day. Therefore, the best is to increase the metabolism.

    Why to eat 6 times a day? In the course of digestion, the metabolism is higher. The digestion lasts in about 2,5-3 hours. 24 hours (1 day) minus 8 hours spleeping = 18 hours. And 18 hours divided by 3 = 6 meals a day with the restrictions you specified above

    Why accompanying foods with cinnamon, chili’s” The trick is to delay the digestion. In this way less fat is stored (with the mechanism of the secretion of the insulin by the pancreas). There are certains ways to delay the digestion: eat spicy, food with a good dose of vinegar, foods with fibers. The fibers cannot be assimilated by the estomach. The digestion therefore takes more time.

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